Our Farm: Holland Lop Rabbits

Adorable and Affectionate Holland Lops: Our Favorite Bunny Breed

In our completely biased opinion, Holland lops are simply the best breeds of pet rabbits!  And of course, we think our blue eyed bunnies are the most beautiful bunnies of all! Take a look around our site and we think you’ll agree.

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Bunnies make wonderful pets as they are quiet, small, friendly and easy and affordable to care for.  But they can live 10 years or more and they do require attention and care, so be sure you are ready for that responsibility.   

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Purebred, Well-Socialized, Litter Trained Bunnies

Our rabbitry is very unique because our bunnies are much more than "livestock"; they are our pets, our children's playmates and our companions.  We spend lots of time and effort to include our bunnies as we work, play and relax. We handle our bunnies every day from birth onward, so they are well-socialized to adults, children and household noises. Of course, they usually leave us at a young age, so it's up to you to continue their socialization in your own home.  

We also begin litter training with these purebred babies making it easier to integrate them into your home. They can also be acclimated to live outdoors with protection – making it easy to integrate them into your lifestyle.

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Choosing a Rabbit Breeder: Experience and Integrity

Consider the rabbit breeder you choose carefully. Our priority is to raise healthy, happy bunnies who truly enjoy the companionship of their human friends.  We’ve found that it is very difficult or impossible to truly tame a rabbit who has not been raised closely with people from birth.  If having a cuddly, affectionate pet bunny is important to you, start with a baby who is raised with lots of love and attention from its breeder.  A bargain-priced rabbit is rarely a bargain in the long run.

Be sure to choose a breeder with experience. While breeding may seem easy, there are many pitfalls along the way.  We've been raising, showing and breeding rabbits for over 30 years.  I literally wrote the book on bunny care and have helped hundreds of families get started with bunnies of their own.

We also stand by our bunnies and will take your bunny back if you are not able to care for it for any reason (see our Sales Policy).  We also run Bluebird Sings Farm LLC transparently.  We don't do shady practices like asking you to cover Paypal fees, pay under-the-table or illegally ignore state sales tax.  Your payment in our online Farm Shop is processed through our website and is secure and safe.

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Rabbit Ownership: Connection and Care

A pet rabbit can be lots of fun, but can also be a wonderful asset to your family, your children and your home.  Many experts have observed that companion animals are wonderful at connecting children (and adults) with the natural world and helping foster compassion, empathy and responsibility as one learns to care for a fellow creature. 

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Take a look at our available bunnies and get started on your rabbit adventure today!