Our Farm: Miniature Goats & Handmade Soap

Our treasured goats are the source for our all-natural, handmade, creamy goats milk soap.  We also sell baby goats and lambs each year to families wanting their own pet, dairy or fiber animals.

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Miniature Lamancha & Nigerian Dwarf Goats: Great Backyard Pets or Family Milkers

If you're looking for the perfect milker for the family homestead, you've found it in Miniature Lamancha and Nigerian Dwarf goats.  The small size, high butterfat and sweet nature of these goats make them wonderful pets, companions and dairy animals. 

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Nigerian Dwarf and mini Lamancha milk has high butterfat, making it perfect for soap and cheese making and a giving it a sweet taste, perfect for drinking and cooking.  Their small size makes them easy and economical to raise and their sweet personalities make them endearing pets.

We are hoping for Nigerian Dwarf kids in December 2018!