Bunny Supply List

I have tried so many different products and supplies over the years.  Here is a list of my favorite equipment that you will need to get started with your bunny.  You can click on the underlined text for an affiliate link to each item.

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~ All of my tips and personal methods for feeding, housing, litter training, health care and more are discussed in my E-book, Bunny Care Basics: A Quick Start Guide for New Rabbit Owners

Cages, Housing & Litter Training

A carrier to bring bunny home in -  I love this Sport Pet Travel Carrier because it is easy to see your bunny inside and the door opens very wide making it easy to get her in and out.  It comes with a nice, fluffy bed.  Useful throughout your bunny's life.

 ~ A cage - the bigger, the better!  Here's one of the biggest I have found.  I love how it opens from both the front and the top.  Living World Deluxe Pet Habitat, X-Large        
 ~ I love using an Exercise Pen – this pen makes it so easy for your bunny to hop and play wherever you'd like and stay safe. 

 ~ I love this Litter Box.  This is the only litter box I’ve found with a grate to hold your bunny’s feet up out of the mess.  I line the litter box with Paper Bedding or Pine Shavings.

Feed, Water & Supplements

Food- I use and recommend Purina Rabbit Chow Complete and don’t forget the Timothy Hay

 ~ Herbal Supplements – I use herbs I organically grow and responsibly wildcraft on my small family farm to distill three easy-to-use herbal extracts addressing my bunnies’ health needs. I have formulas for immunity boosting, digestive support and stress relief.

 ~ Feeder: I love the compartments for both pellets and hay in the  Hay-N-Food Feeder 

 ~ I cannot say enough about this Water Bottle.  I tried and been disappointed in so many kinds but this one truly does not leak and is BPA free.   You can also use Water Crock (although beware – toddlers love to spill them.)

Grooming, Playing & Extras

A harness - make outings fun and safe with this harness and leash – lots of fun for kids!

 ~ A chew toy – my rabbits like this Lava Rock grinding stone.  They also love to play in this Grass Hideaway.  You can also make your own chew toys   - just use a cardboard box, unfinished wood block, toilet paper roll, unfinished wicker basket etc.

 ~ I like to use these pet Nail Scissors - regular human nail clippers are also fine.

 ~ This is not an essential – unless you have allergies or have lots of bunnies in one room.  I love this Air Purifier to help control odor and dander in my bunny room.  Works like a charm!

holland lops nj, mini lops nj, pet bunnies nj, rabbits nj