Please Note: Questions about bunny care, supplies, health, feeding, etc are all answered in depth in my 40-page E-book Bunny Care Basics: A Quick Start Guide for New Rabbit Owners available in my Farm Shop.

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Where are you located?

We are located in Galloway, in Southern NJ, 08205 (not far from Atlantic City).  
If you're making the trip to pick up your bunny, make a day of it by visiting one of the many attractions nearby.  We're close to the beach, the amazing wildlife at the Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge, the quaint shops, restaurants and historic buildings of the Towne of Historic Smithville, Batsto Village National Historic Site, and many farms offering you-pick berries and fruits in season.  Please check your distance from us before inquiring about a bunny to make sure it’s a workable drive-time for you.  We do not ship or deliver bunnies.

Do you have any other bunnies available?
Please don't ask if we have bunnies available - like you, we are busy and get inundated with requests.   Check our online farm store to see what we have available.  We generally add more bunnies to our website every month or so.  Be sure to subscribe to our Mailing List to be notified whenever we make more bunnies available on our website.

Can I visit your farm?  Can I see your bunnies before I make a deposit?
While we’d love to share our farm with visitors and understand your desire to see our animals and their living conditions, like many animal breeders nationwide, we've implemented a Closed Farm Policy for several reasons: 

1) Our Vet's Recommendation.  The health and well-being of our animals is our top priority.  There are many different parasites, bacteria, diseases and pathogens which can unknowingly be spread from visitors to our livestock.  It’s just not worth the risk to our animals, so we keep as closed farm as a biosecurity measure.
2) Our privacy and security.  This is our private home, not a petting zoo or a pet store.   We love visitors, but our privacy and our children's safety is also important and our children become very stressed by a constant flow of strangers into our house.  

How big will your bunnies get? 

Our bunnies are purebred  Holland lops – the smallest lop breed.  Adults weigh just 3-5 lbs. 

Do you have a waiting list?  Can I reserve a baby from a future litter?

Rabbit breeding is a fragile and unpredictable process, so we never take deposits, keep waiting lists or reserve unborn babies.  When I’m ready to make bunnies available for reservation, I’ll list them on the Farm Shop page.  Sign up for our Mailing List on this page to get an email update when new bunnies are available for reservation.

Can I pick up a bunny on a day other than the listed pick up date?

You can schedule with me to pick your bunny up after the listed pick up date (depending on my availability) but I charge a $5 per day boarding fee for each day I hold your bunny after the listed pick up date.  After the pick up date, each bunny needs it's own individual housing so this fee helps cover the cost of food, cleaning supplies, etc and my time in caring for your bunny each day. 

Can I bring home a younger bunny?  Why do I have to wait until they are 8 weeks old?

For their lifelong health benefit, young rabbits must stay with their mothers and nurse until they are about 8 weeks old, so that is when they are ready to go to their new homes.  We spend lots of time during these 8 weeks socializing each baby and beginning with litter training.

Can I rent a bunny for my party/photo shoot/event/etc?
For the health and safety of our animals, we do not rent them out.

holland lops nj, mini lops nj, pet bunnies nj, rabbits nj

If you still have a question, email us at bluebirdsingsfarm@gmail.com.