Pure Shetland Farmstead Yarns

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Our beautiful yarn is spun with care from our homegrown flock of purebred Shetland Sheep.  Shetland wool is known all over the world for its amazingly soft hand, beautiful drape, bounce and elasticity.  We've been breeding and specially selecting our sheep for several generations to ensure excellent staple length, superior softness, strength and beauty.

We harvest our wool each Spring by rooing (plucking) our sheep just as the new year's wool growth begins and they naturally shed last year's growth.  This painless process makes our wool softer and more durable with no shearing stress for the sheep and no second cuts or breaks in the wool.  Our yarns are locally spun at a small, family-run mill in Eastern PA. 

Turn your next knitting or crochet project into an heirloom or gift the fiber artist in your life with this special farm-grown yarn.

Our Pure Shetland yarn is available in three colors: Creamy Ivory (lightest ivory) Antique Ivory (taupe ivory)) and Moorit Brown (medium brown).  We also have both DK and Worsted weights available.

Skeins are 200 yards, 2 ply.  We offer Free Shipping on all yarns within the continental US.