Bunny Care Basics: A Quick Start Guide for Rabbit Owners - E-Book

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Learn how to care for your new rabbit simply and easily with our Bunny Care Basics E-Book

This book with 40 pages full of tips, advice and essential info will get your family off to a great start. No need to navigate hundreds of conflicting web pages or wade through encyclopedias of rabbit care. From feeding to litter training to handling and health care, find exactly what you need to know in this Quick Start Guide!

I'm a breeder with over 25 years experience in raising bunnies. My E-Book includes all my favorite methods and lots of helpful tips for raising bunnies. I also included plenty of adorable, full-color photographs of my bunnies.

Here's what people are saying about Bunny Care Basics:

"Beautifully written, the pictures are gorgeous.  You included every possible thing a new owner would need to know, yet it is very easy to understand and essential. It's the best rabbit care book I have seen and I think it is perfect for any rabbit owner."  M.H. from NJ

"I've had rabbits for years and still found new things to learn from this book.  And I love the photography!" - G.E. from NYC

"This book takes the worry out of bringing our first bunny home. I gave my son this book to help him prepare for his new pet.  He's so excited!- P.F. from PA

Bunny Care Basics: Table of Contents

Why Rabbits?

Choosing Your Bunny 
            Where to Find Your Bunny 
            Choosing Your Breed 
            Which Makes a Better Pet – Boy or Girl? Baby or Adult? 
            Should My Bunny Be Spayed or Neutered? 
            Will My Rabbit Be Lonely? Should He Have a Friend? 
            Can My Bunny Get Along with My Other Pets? 
Bringing Your Bunny Home 
            Housing Your Bunny 
            Litter Training Your Bunny 
            Toys and Chewing 
            Feeding Your Bunny
                        Herbal Supplements

            Handling Your Bunny 
            Common Health Concerns 
                        Eating and Digestion 
Resources: Essential Supply List and Helpful Links