Summer's in Full Swing

Posted by Jessie Haviland on

holland lops nj, mini lops nj, pet bunnies nj, rabbits nj

Summer is in full swing around here.  The kids have been out fishing, the garden is growing and the sheep and goats are trying to find the shade and beat the heat as much as they can.  

holland lops nj, mini lops nj, pet bunnies nj, rabbits nj

We are really enjoying this month's crop of adorable Holland Lops and Lionheads - the last Lionheads we'll be having for a while as I'm taking a bit of a breeding break with them.  Playing with baby bunnies is always a highlight around here.

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I'm so excited about another new project around here - or rather, a resurrection of an old project.  After sending a huge box of raw Shetland wool off to Blue Mountain Fiber Mill in Harrisburg, PA this Spring, I just received my lovely wool back - spun up into the most beautiful, creamy yarn!  This wool is so luscious and I have three lovely natural tones in two weights to work with.  I can't wait going on some new knitting projects: I'm thinking of a new bonnet for the baby, sweaters for the boys and a shawl for me.  I'll be listing a bit of this yarn for sale on the website soon - just in time for the Fall knitting season.

Here's hoping your summer has been full of beautiful views, warm breezes and fun new projects!